Celebrating Daily Maersk’s First Anniversary in South China

“It has been only a year and we have proven that the impossible is possible in the shipping industry”. This comment was posted by a South China colleague on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter), the most popular social media platform in mainland China.

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Maersk Line wins Social Media Campaign of the Year Award

On Friday 14 September 2012, Maersk Line had a big night at the European Digital Communications Awards held in Berlin. Apart from winning in the category “Community Presence” in social media, we also won the award for “Social Media Campaign of the Year”, one of the three major awards on the night.

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Social media and the maritime industry: A perfect fit or…?

The maritime industry is an odd size. It’s spread across the globe. It’s always on the move. And to the outsider, it’s strangely unapproachable.

If you stop to ask people on the street about mariners, then you quickly realise that the old urban myth of seafarers as loners longing for the solitude of the sea is alive and doing well.

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In case we forgot: Shipping has always been social

It seems many people think of social media and shipping as an odd couple. But it’s not. In fact, the discussion of social vs. non-social goes way back.

As pointed out in a newly released report by the US-based McQuilling Services, entitled Sailing the Social Seas, social networking has played an important role in the shipping industry for thousands of years.

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9 different platforms with 9 different purposes

Today, we’re present on 9 different platforms, and have a very clear idea of what we want to achieve with each one of them. Here’s a run through of the platforms and what we’re using them for.

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