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Maersk Line in China – The business of big volumes and big responsibilities

This month we have been talking about trade in China, one of Maersk Line’s biggest markets, and the socio-economic evolution China is undergoing. Maersk Line has been operating in China since the beginning of the 20th century. David Williams, Managing Director of Maersk Line East & Central China explains more about the social set up from the business point of view.  

DWI 02Talking about how the culture in China is a bit different when it comes to running an organization, David Williams comments, “When it comes to the work culture in China, there is an intense focus on delivering the deadlines on a week in and week out basis. That’s something that keeps the pressure on to a large extent. The team believes in clarity of objectives and how they are to be achieved. Proper directions and support is something that keeps high quality execution. Also, there is more emphasis given to the recognition to the team, not just an individual.”

Speaking more on how to go about getting your business right when in China, David explains, “Expectation management plays an important role in determining your rapport with your customers and counterparts. One needs to be precise about what you can deliver, your requirements and how would you go about getting it done. This involves truly understanding our customer’s needs with a lot of probing questions and being explicit, it’s still the preferred choice over ambiguity in the discussions.”

Conducting the business in an environment that’s evolving this fast is no mean feat. David mentions about that one thing that keeps him and his team on top of all things, “Delivering the right volumes on the week in and week out basis is something that’s unique about working in China. Because the volumes are big, if you miss a week you don’t often get the opportunity to make it up.”