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#MyContainer – A surprise in the box!

As we go about lauding the winning entries for #MyContainer, here is something more to celebrate! Although we ended up choosing just 2 winning ideas, the limit that we’d kept for the number of winners was 3. So not having the 3rd winner just didn’t feel right, and having received so many amazing ideas, our judges are happy to choose one more winner for us. So here it is: the surprise announcement of the third winner for #MyContainer!

Winner #3: Daniel Restrepo 

Concept: Coastguard Tower

The winning idea: #MyContainer to be converted into coastguard towers for the beaches.

Daniel Restrepo-Coastguard-FB

What the judges have to say: “We are acutely aware of the perils of the ocean – whether you are the crew on board a vessel or going for a leisurely swim. And we take them very seriously. I have the deepest admiration for those who commit their lives to the safety of others and I would feel really good if our containers can, even in the smallest way, contribute to that after they retire.” says Rune Sorensen, Head of Brand & Customer Insights.

Concluding the exciting #MyContainer competition, we would like to take this chance and congratulate all the winners once again, and thank all of you who sent us the exciting ideas!