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Meat the man who plans your protein

The next time you sit down for a steak or a rack of lamb consider this – the transport of your dinner has been meticulously planned by Morten Klose, Head of Proteins for Maersk Line’s Reefer business unit.

20.01.15 new zealand lamb pic for article

‘There is an exact science behind transporting protein’ says Morten.  ‘Considering the fat content of the meat, zero degrees isn’t necessarily the freezing point. Beef for example, is shipped at minus 1 degree but lambs needs to be shipped at minus 1.7.’

The need for reliability is not lost on Morten. For example, shipping Easter Lamb from New Zealand to Europe is a meticulous affair. ‘Customers want the lamb to arrive in the supermarkets approximately a week before Easter when the lamb prices are at a premium. If our shipment is delayed by a week and our customers miss the Easter window, this significantly affects the price that our customers can get for the goods’ says Morten.

Morten is the kind of guy that thrives on a dynamic work environment. ‘Current tensions between Russia and the West has significantly impacted global reefer trade’ says Morten. Russia used to import significantly from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia but we have seen the global shifting of trading partners and now Russia is looking at new suppliers in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and China. Similarly, Russia’s former suppliers have also been looking for new suppliers and found them in Asia and West Africa.

Morten is sceptical that we will see a reversal of these new trading partners in the future citing his belief that Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin will not likely want to become dependent on the West for a valuable commodity such as protein.